Women who say the words "All my friends are guys". That is trouble and should be avoided at all costs. Girls should have friends that are girls too! Guys hang around girls as friends because they are just waiting for the day the girl wants to put out. Guys don't need friends that are girls. Unless they are gay, male friends want to have sex with their female friends. If the guy didn't find the girl attractive in the first place, he probably wouldn't have spent time with her in the second place. He just couldn't close the deal. Even worst he became her friend. If they both get drunk together and she offers sex, he will take her up on it. Be very wary of girls that spend too much time with their guy friends. If she disagrees with the above, have her call and flirt with one of her guy friends and ask him if he would come over and pound her tonight. Most likely he will be ringing the doorbell before she hangs up.