Seducing Women Formula

Welcome to Seducing Women Fundamentals, dedicated to dispelling the enormous bunch of crap mindlessly propogated by a small handful of self proclaimed "Seduction Guru" reversers who like to fancy themselves master manipulators with exclusive dibs on The Golden Secret to "guaranteed success" in turning helpless "mediocres" with low self esteem into confident "players" skilled in the "art" of manipulating women, especially beautiful women, right out of their panties and into the beds of these newfound Casanovas at the drop of a hat, women who will be so completely "unaware" that they've been manipulated by such suave subliminal mind tricks from such adept and masterful "pick up artists" that they'll comply with even the most perverted of whims...Men.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: not many guys breathing is even remotely qualified to reveal to you the secrets of scoring with chicks because no guy breathing has any real comprehension to begin with of what it is to be a woman, much less any understanding of what it is they want as women. At absolute best, all you'll get from other experts will be 'wishful thinking' opinions and scenarios that aren't all that effective or intelligent, much less grounded in reality. I've decided to psycho-analyze people's actions since I was 14 years old, and realized that analyzing is my gift in life.

All women are superficially different and have various views and opinions, but when it comes to a female, they are all fundamentally the same and are the only ones who can hint you in on everything you wanna know. Keep your eyes open for this.

Why is it that a lot of good-looking men have no problems approaching beautiful women, but never accompany them back home? Or better yet, why is it that some average-looking men seem to have a different lover every night of the week?

The answer, my friends, is seduction. No matter how good-looking a man is, if he cannot seduce a woman, he'll never close the deal. On the other hand, a man who knows how to seduce a woman will always have to answer the same question every night, "My place or yours?" (Never sleep over)

Think Your Plan First: Unfortunately, most men don't realize the important role seduction plays in attracting women. Some men still think that their good looks alone are enough to attract a woman to sleep with them. Sorry my friends, good looks can only take you so far.

What usually happens is that some men have such low confidence that their game turns out sour, trying to fool the woman into their beds by using ineffectual pickup lines.

A true player has the confidence to be honest and straightforward with his primary target. He doesn't have to lie that much in order to bed his women. A good player lays most of his cards on the table and uses his seduction(reverse) techniques to lure the sheep into the wolf's den. Remember, the thrill of the hunt comes from reversing with good timing, by letting her know exactly what you want and giving her the choice to accept your advances or not. (Being smooth has always helped in my wonderful experiences)

Seduction: What a interesting topic. The mere thought of seducing a woman, or better yet being seduced by a woman, makes my mouth water. The word alone reminds me of sensual indulgence, exciting pleasures, and forbidden delights.

Why does seduction excite me so much? Well, it's the key ingredient that distinguishes between a, "Well it was nice meeting you. I hope to see you around again," and "Why don't you come back to my place tonight?"

That's right, if a man can seduce his woman with the right technique, instead of focusing on trying to fool her into his bed, he'll achieve better results. So you want to learn how to be seductive? Then wait no longer.

Rejections are part of the learning process. It feels terrible but you live again to seduce again.